Weighing only 6 oz., the MINI pruning shears have been designed to be the lightest in its category.

The ergonomic handle is suitable for small hands and the anvil shape of the cutting head keeps the wrist in a natural position, reducing labor and preventing any kickback at the end of the cut.

The curved counter-blade shape holds the branch firmly during cutting, while the cavity on the blade facilitates the penetration of the shears onto the branch, reducing efforts during the pruning process.

The aluminum counter-blade and the steel blade are hot forged for better sharpeness and resistance than those cold forged, with a lifetime guarantee againts breakage.


Lightweight shears with ergonomic handle, ideal for small hands

Anvil type blade for cleaner cuts and no backlash

Curved shape for holding the branch firmly

Cavity on blade for reduced friction while pruning

Locking system easy to open and close


1 TI 1
2 TI 3
3 C 4
4 M2
5 M5
6 M6
7 M7
8 D 13